How To Order

To View The Hidden Products on our page you must Unlock them with a Confidential CODE which you will receive from us by first Verifying your age.

Please Submit ONE Piece of ID to our Encrypted Email: (Please include Username)

If you wish for your ID to be deleted after verification please specify within the email.

Feel free to Black-Out any sensitive information other than:

First and Last Name
-Date of Birth.

Once you have submitted your document by email, We will review them and send you a Verification email including the CODE To unlock the Product View once your age as been verified and your account has been approved.

Once you have submitted your ID You may speed Verification process up by Texting “VERIFY” and your Email/Username to:

(Depending on time of day Some Delays can be Expected)

We will review your application and send the Code Immediately!

Receive a 10% Discount on your order when paying with BITCOIN
or 12% When Paying with Bitcoin on the Lightning Network!

ALL Orders receive FREE SHIPPING When Paying with any Crypto
And If your order is over 7g we will throw in ONE FREE COOKIE!