How and WHERE to Buy Bitcoin

Firstly, it is important to find a trusted source for learning about Bitcoin.
I have found Some great You-tubers who havecompiled many informative videos on the subject.

We recommend browsing through their playlists and learning a thing or two before transacting with Bitcoin, Not only because the price can be volatile but if stored/transferred improperly can lead to loss.
Please always double check Addresses and amounts before sending and always make sure that there is a fee attached to the transaction so that the Blockchain will process your transaction.

It should be noted that none of the following is to be considered Investment Advice.


To Locate an ATM near you with Low Fees the CoinATMRadar app is very helpful!
You may browse all atms in your area and track down the one with the Lowest Fees!

To load by an ATM one must first create a Secure Bitcoin wallet.
If you do not have one already, There are many to choose from, Its important to find one that you trust and that works for you, and most importantly allows you access to your Private Keys.

If you are just interested in using a wallet as a one time use “Disposable” wallet such as for making a payment, You can set up a Free Simple wallet with Edge Wallet on Android or iOS.
You may experiment making as many wallets as you want, and delete them as you wish. But please note once deleted you may only access it again with a Private Key for that wallet.

Please look into what a “Private Key” is and how to back this up and store it safely if you wish to continue using any wallet to store bitcoin in the future.

Please note while holding Bitcoin the CAD Price will Fluctuate as the price changes. Please Be aware of all the risks involved.


Most members are Loving making their purchase using the Shakepay App to take advantage of our GREAT Savings and Free Cookie with orders over 7g! Its one of the Fastest ways to pay with Bitcoin from the Comfort of your own home!

Easy to fund Using E-Transfer (INSTANT) or a direct BankWire!
Funds land as CAD into your WALLET
Exchange to BTC whenever you wish!
Send BTC to pay for your order DIRECT from the App!

And the best thing is they are CANADIAN!

This video will walk you through the Signup and Funding Process!
They also have really great customer support in the rare occasion that a problem occurs.

If you are after ore information about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology, We Recommend Subscribing to: Andreas M. Antonopoulos


TEXT OR CALL: 1-833-441-2666